Your agency for employer branding, HR marketing and brand communications

We’re here to help. We’re straightforward, owner-managed and independent in how we think and act. We cover all facets of your corporate, product and employer brand communication — it’s our pride and our passion.

Employer branding is our core competency. With countless projects in the field of employer branding and communication for (employer) brands, products and companies in a wide range of industries, we have a wealth of experience to draw from.

With a clear focus on online communication and the right strategy, we create compelling employer brands that attract the attention of your target group. Get knowing us!

»As the owner, I vouch personally for the work we do here at Köhler Kommunikation to ensure my clients feel well advised and cared for in the long term."«

Jan Köhler, Managing Director

Köhler Kommunikation – owner-managed, independent, digital

Our second successfully established pillar is product and brand communication. Similar to employer branding, we have developed a process here to position your brand in the market and set it apart from others. Our work holistically covers all communication facets that bear your company, your product or your brand forward. In short: Köhler works.

Our talented team consists of strategists, creative minds and passionate project managers who think straight and precisely translate your wishes for effective employer branding into reality. And an owner who makes every customer concern a matter for the boss with much heart and soul. We love our job.

Our team

Jan Köhler Managing Director
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
Honestly: Because I can probably only do that because I can choose who I work for and what we or I want to do, we can be apolitical, I get many direct feedback, KÖHLER is fun, it still feels like the beginning.
Jan Köhler
Managing Director & Teamlead
Michaela Weyermanns Junior Project Manager
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
I wanted to let off steam practically in the field of HR marketing after my studies and the projects at Köhler Kommunikation make this possible for me.
Michaela Weyermanns
Project Manager
Nadine Russin Project Manager Köhler Kommunikation
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
I love the diversity of project management. This and the collaboration with great clients and a terrific team are what make my work for me.
Nadine Russin
Project Manager
Fenja Klassa - Project Manager Digital
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
The importance of digital media is increasing massively, and I would like to make my contribution with creative ideas and support companies with my acquired expertise.
Fenja Klassa
Project Manager Digital
Platzhalter Mitarbeiterin
Ruth Adami
Content Manager
Alissa Klutschko SEO Manager Köhler Kommunikation
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
The work on cross-sector SEO projects definitely provides variety and the team cohesion is great.
Alissa Klutschko
SEO Manager
[Translate to english:] Michael Frey - Text & Concept Print & Digital
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
Not many agencies have such a varied portfolio to offer.
Michael Frey
Text & Concept Print & Digital
Janine Bell Art Director_Team Leader
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
I applied here, and the team is just great.
Janine Bell
Art Director & Teamlead Graphik
Dirk Jörg Jöris Expert Digital & Print
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
There is probably no other agency that develops so dynamically in the long term and gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day, even after 25 years.
Dirk Jörg Jöris
Expert Digital & Print
Tobias Heinrich Art Director Köhler Kommunikation
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
The work in HR communications adds an exciting area to my previous agency stations, and I now have a workplace that I can reach by bike.
Tobias Heinrich
Expert Creation Digital UX/UI
Anna Nowotzin Digital Media Designer
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
Nowhere else you can make such a difference with your work in a short time as here.
Anna Nowotzin
Digital Media Design UX/UI
Meike Nolden Digital Media Designer
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
I work for great clients in a great team - for me, these are the most important criteria for a good job.
Meike Nolden
Digital Media Design
Felix Leuchten Digital Media Designer Köhler Kommunikation
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
I am well challenged and supported here and so have the opportunity to learn a lot in varied projects and I can contribute my creativity on a daily basis.
Felix Leuchten
Media Design Digital
Platzhalter Mitarbeiterin
Michaela Schmidt
Art Director
Roland Hontheim Art Director
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
I find a youthful team here that tackles exciting tasks and is constantly facing up to the demands of HR communication, which also challenge me anew every day.
Roland Hontheim
Art Director
Danja Blarr Trainee Projektmanagement
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
Here I get the opportunity to gain much knowledge and put it into practice, even more so in such an exciting subject area as HR communication and with such well-known clients.
Danja Blarr
Trainee Project Management
Platzhalter Mitarbeiterin
Bianca Rembarz
Trainee Graphic / Media Design
Isolde Schrage Head of Finance and Controlling
At Köhler Kommunikation because:
The areas of responsibility are very varied, it is fun, and I am trusted a lot.
Isolde Schrage
Head of Finance & Controlling
Platzhalter Mitarbeiterin
Office Manager
Christina Mozinger - Finance Assistant
Christina Mozinger
Finance Assistant