Janine Bell

Art Director / Team Leader


What qualities are absolutely essential for an Art Director and Team Leader?
A good sense of humour and a willingness to learn new things.


Where do you see the agency in five years’ time?

In Düsseldorf (unfortunately I left my crystal ball at home today).


Have your colleagues ever pointed out any quirky habits that you have?

I write really important things on my hand and then can’t read them and have to get my colleagues to try and decipher them.


You’re not only our Art Director; you’re also an artist. What kind of creative stuff do you get up to in your free time?

I like to draw necrophages.




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Janine Bell



Grad. Designer


Position at Köhler Kommunikation:

Art Director/Team Leader


I work at Köhler Kommunikation because:

I applied here and the team is simply fantastic.


Telephone +49 211 60180-244

Email janine.bell@koehlerkommunikation.de