Nicole Schmitz

Senior Project Analyst, previously Senior Project Manager


You’re a Senior Project Analyst at Köhler Kommunikation. What are the main differences between your role and the role of a project manager?
I actually started off in the Project Management team. But my family circumstances changed and I was no longer able to dedicate myself fully to the client side of the business. However, I’m always on hand to offer help and advice to the Project Management team and I keep a careful eye on job management, in particular. This is also the case in various other tasks – for example, I could never have imagined that I would get involved in the accountancy side of things but, contrary to my expectations, it’s fun.


What advice would you offer new colleagues at Köhler Kommunikation?

Keep a cool head at the beginning and don’t let yourself get flustered, then everything will go fine with the project management work too.


Who would you happily trade places with at our agency?

I think you should always stick to what you know! I’m happy doing what I do and feel like I’m being fully stretched, in a good way.


What is the most exciting and unique thing about employer branding?

The fact that every client provides you with a set of completely new challenges, every brand is unique as a whole – and you have to make this visible and transparent for other people. We’re not in the business of promoting short-term products or brand experiences, but delve right down into the belly of the beast to understand the company from the ground up.


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Nicole Schmitz



M.A. in German Studies, General Literature and Ancient History


Position at Köhler Kommunikation:

Senior Project Analyst, previously Senior Project Manager


I work at Köhler Kommunikation because:

Only nice people work here and I am given independence as well as responsibility.



Telephone +49 211 60180-222/226