When »Employer Branding« is on the agenda in a company, the trigger in most cases is the same: the need to find enough qualified applicants and to retain existing employees within the company. Given the demographic situation and the shortage of skilled workers, this is an exciting challenge.


Employer branding which is not reflected in satisfactory recruiting figures is a lost investment. That’s why everything we do for you in this area serves the goal of increasing the number of applicants, inspiring existing teams for the company and helping you to make optimum use of your HR budget.



»Trias« is our internal agency name for the three-stage process that turns employers into brands. It was developed by an agency team with over 20 years of employer branding experience who have realised more than 150 HR communication concepts.



Turning your company into an employer brand is not a quick creative rush job, but a development that we would like to plan and shape together with you from analysis to implementation. This process can be easily adapted to your individual requirements. Even if you are in the middle of the employer branding process and need support with one step, we are there for you.

Goal definition






Define the employer brand


Your recruiting starts with an analysis.


At the beginning of every employer brand development process is Köhler Research – an honest look at your company as an employer and at the motivation and expectations of your target group. This look goes deep, is engaging and provides valuable insights.

We analyse your target group
Define the employer brand


Your positioning is has so much to offer.


After the analysis phase, all relevant facts are on the table and are summarised as an Employer Value Proposition. The EVP gives you an unmistakable position in the employer market. For establishing your unique position, it is as important as the USP from classical marketing.

We develop your EVP
Develop the HR communication concept


Your HR communication will make a difference.


When the strategists have done their homework, the creative minds get down to brass tacks. The Employer Value Proposition and agency briefing are condensed into a creative letter. Concrete visualisations and employer brand messages are created.

We give your brand shape
Become visible


Your HR communication hits the mark.


The most sensational creation is useless if it’s not seen. We develop the optimal media mix for your goals, create the communication roadmap for you and make sure that you are permanently present in all relevant target group channels.

We ensure an optimal mix
Become visible


Your money is well spent.


We constantly compare the implementation with the strategic goals and regularly check their effectiveness. If necessary, the measures, contents, links and designs are fine-tuned. Here, the online marketing key figures are a valuable aid.

We’ll take care of it
Become visible


Content marketing turns employees into ambassadors.


78 percent of Germans use a smartphone. It has become the most important terminal device for job searches. No wonder that every second applicant is lost without mobile optimisation of HR activities. Content marketing is extremely multi-faceted and perfectly serves the mobile channel.

We create visibility



Every project is individual, every challenge is welcome. With over 20 years of experience in employer branding and more than 150 HR communication concepts implemented, we are happy to support you in launching a successful recruiting campaign. Our credo: comprehensive advice, strategic thinking, creative implementation, precise execution and courteous support.

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The entire process – clear and detailed

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