Visibility on the job market through HR Marketing

The concept of HR Marketing is a way to describe operative strategies to increase your appeal as an organization and employer in general. Smart human resource marketing helps to gain more visibility on the job market and, therefore, reaching potential employees. We help your organization not only to tell a story that captivates, but also to develop strategies for your HR marketing. To accomplish the best outcome, we analyze and research target groups. These and further details are packed into your personalized roadmap for human resource marketing, made by us, to ensure your organization’s success and presence on all platforms that are essential for your target groups.

Transform your careers website into the central point of your personnel communication. Place job advertisements and distribute them through dozens of channels of employees by appointing them to be ambassadors. HR ambassadors are able to increase traffic from your target groups to the desired platforms by posting authentic insights and stories about their day at work.

We are an HR agency, specialized and experienced in HR marketing and employer branding. With an immense amount of expertise, we will make sure to place your employer brand under the spotlight. Together with you we will create a unique concept to master all challenges the human resources management might face.


Human resources marketing – the key for successful recruiting

Implementing the right HR strategy and targeted HR measures impacts the number of qualified applicants you receive directly and positively. You will be able to fill your vacancies quickly and build a pool of applicants which you can fall back on if other positions become available.
At the same time, a strong HR strategy with clear communication of your strengths as an employer, affects your current employees. Their enthusiasm and outlook on the company’s future is boosted. Therefore, the employees’ loyalty increases and the staff turnover decreases.
Successful human resources marketing strengthens your company from the inside out, making you more attractive as a brand to potential top-tier applicants.


Our agency’s HR marketing services:

Online communication

  • Job postings and multi-posting
  • Online marketing
  • Content marketing with HR ambassadors
  • Recruiting videos
  • Social media strategies
  • SEO

Analogue communication

  • Ad conception
  • Media consulting
  • Brochures, flyers, inserts
  • Corporate publishing
  • Dialogue marketing

Experiential communication

  • Events
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • College/university and apprentice marketing
  • Ambient media

Internal communication

  • Team building
  • Change management
  • Onboarding
  • Qualifications

Four HR activities to increase your corporate’s cultural fit

Employer branding and HR communications are not one-off projects. On the contrary, they are processes that will continually challenge you. An organization is alive. Your employees grow and change constantly. Therefore, our HR marketing concepts are flexible enough to react quickly to new circumstances. The same goes for our digital tools.
The bottom line is that all the elements work in pursuit of the same goal: improving candidates’ cultural fit to reach applicants that are perfect for your organization.


Your careers site as the hub

We will transform your careers site into the central hub for your HR marketing actions. This ensures more visibility and traffic from other platforms. It will become the place where potential employees end up on, regardless of which digital channel they started on. Everything will lead to this site.
We support you from the conception to realization, so that your HR marketing actions become a success for your organization.
Learn more about our process and topics that should be part of every careers site.


Multiposting to boost your reach

Multi-posting represents your company on all relevant job boards, recruiting and specialist job portals. As a result, potential employees will be able to find you quicker. As part of our target group concept, we will ensure your job offers to appear simultaneously on over 100 channels – linked with recruiting videos, mobile application solutions and transparent reporting.

Online marketing as a multiplier

Google display marketing, Google Ads and social media ads increase not only the number but also the quality of incoming applications. Effective ad campaigns significantly increase the visibility and attractiveness of your employer brand.

Brand ambassadors as a medium

Content marketing via HR ambassadors is like influencer marketing, except the influencers are already deeply rooted in your organization. Via company profiles or their personal accounts on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms, selected employees publish authentic insights about your company. They represent the company, post entertaining stories about the work environment and current projects, share, like, comment and network actively.

»Ideally, HR marketing measures build on each other. Your concept is already in place, and you only need to implement individual measures? We can help you jumpstart your success by, for example, an HR image video, a brand ambassador concept or a new social media strategy. Ask for a free, no-strings-attached initial consultation today!«

Jan Köhler, Managing Director

HR marketing measures: Developing an employer branding strategy

When employer branding results in satisfactory recruiting numbers, it becomes a justifiable investment.
Our aim is it to reach and enthuse potential employees as soon as possible, increase the number of general applicants and to help your organization optimize your HR budget. After they roll out, the HR campaigns are continuously evaluated and optimized.
By using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we measure the success of each HR marketing step regarding quality, quantity, effectiveness as well as cost and time investment. Through this, we can determine tools that perform best for your organization and we will be able to see if there is room for improvement and optimize accordingly.
In addition to that, we can analyze every phase of the candidate journey or the employee life cycle and gain valuable insight.